Step by step guideline for group registration

1.  Login to account.
2.  Click “Congress registration”

3.  Click to Next Page to download sample CSV file.

4.  CVS file with sample participant details.

  • Salutation – type one of the below

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Certificate print name
  • Email – attendee’s email
  • Mykad/Passport – type one of the below

  • ID Number
    a)    NRIC – MyKad 12 digit number without hyphens
    b)    Passport – passport number
    c)    Military ID – military number 
  • Specialty – select one of the below 

  • Nationality – enter two letter country code eg. (Malaysia – MY, Singapore – SG etc.) 
  • Phone – eg. 603-79312131
  • Mobile – eg. 6012-79312131
  • Institution – attendee’s place of practice
  • Institution address 
  • Vegetarian – type Y or N
  • Industry account – your organisation name that registered
  • Registration categories - type one of the below

a) Medical Doctors
b) Paramedics/Allied Health

5.  Complete all the required fields in the form and select “choose file” to upload for the first time. 

     CSV file upload a maximum of 200 rows of data.  


6.  Click “save & next” button.

7. If Registration ID shown in red font mean there is incomplete field for that participant.

8. Click “choose one” to update the information from the dropdown, then save the changes.



9.  To add the participant, click “add participant”, fill in and complete the registration form then save.


10. You may upload and replaced a file.Please ensure replaced CSV file uploaded must not contain blank row in between.

11. To delete participants, scroll to the most right and click delete icon.